Developing cross-platform,
industry solutions for real
problems to ensure a automated
future that improves the quality
of people’s lives


The only IoT tracker in the
world specifically designed to
automate the retrofitting and
maintenance processes for
load carriers.

injects or replaces

Sencells within the
infrastructure network..

Detects Sencells at
key checkpoints

and transfers data
to the Operating

Oversees all
incoming data which
directs automated
distribution of assets.

A first of its kind
complete system
that unlocks the
potential of data
collection at scale.

Simple, Scalable &
Predictable Billing

There is a basic subscription
package that can be easily tailored
by you, as you grow.

Maintenance Free

We maintain all hardware, batteries
and infrastructure to ensure
maximum connectivity. Making DAU
a truly maintenance free system for
your clients.

Unlocking Supply
Chain Potential

We collect and send your data to you

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Zilverenberg 2, 5234 GM ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands